Welcome to Tender feet Boarding School

Tender Feet Boarding School, a secondary school located at Bansbari, Sundardulari - 11, Morang, is among the front-runners in the competitive academic arena in this locality. It was established in 2051 B. S. with the aim of imparting quality education to the children living in and around Sundardulari municipality. Ever since its inception, it has been striving to inject down-to-earth approaches into teaching/learning activities and has achieved commendable feats. Its sincere perseverance to instill quality education, confidence and discipline into the students, and its homely atmosphere are its dual strength to tempt the students into opting for being a part of it. The outflow of the students from the city centre to the mofussil, for instance, speaks a great deal about the strength Tender Feet relishes now.

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Message From Principal

Education is undoubtedly the greatest gift that parents can render to their children. Moreover, education perceived today must pave the way for future course of life. In this connection, it is very necessary for the parents to make a pertinent decision while choosing the right school for their children.

The school the parents choose should offer not only academic knowledge but also myriad of dreams, which with strenuous efforts and apt training can certainly be attained. Aware of this undeniable truth, Tender Feet Boarding School, with a reservoir of the ablest manpower and well-appointed classrooms, has always placed a great emphasis on addressing hopes and aspirations of the parents and on fostering creative potential of their children. We, the Tender Feet family, are always committed to creating a platform that helps to translate their vision into reality; we are committed to fortifying the tender mind and tender feet of the young children, equipping them with the best possible education, decency and discipline.

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Enrollment Procedure

Eligible candidates can collect entrance forms from the school.
Only successful candidates will be eligible for admission.

Performance Evaluation Measures

Weekly class tests
Four term exams
Project work
Peer review

Scholarship Schemes

100% for the school first
50% for the school second
25% for the school third
Special scholarship scheme for the disadvantaged and the marginalized.

Board of Directors